• The Houston Astros are World Champions! The Houston Chronicle wrote shortly after the 5-1 win in Game 7 against the Los Angeles Dodgers: “The Astros have managed to make the whole city feel like we’re part of something big and exciting and wonderful. They are pulling us together, impelling us to unity.”
  • That’s an appropriate summary after such a year in baseball, one that ended with nothing less than a nail-biting, heart beating, breath-holding World Series. CBRE Research is memorializing the 2017 season by, of course, nothing less than the stats.
  • And the ‘Stros didn’t disappoint. 2017’s best team in baseball racked up records taller than their new ivy-coated Hitting Background in the far outfield of Minute Maid Park. By our count, 17 of them to be precise, which include:
    • First World Series title in 56-year history of the franchise
    • First division title since 2001
    • First division title as an AL team
    • First pennant as an AL team
    • First in Total Runs Scored with 896 runs for the season

CBRE Research has compiled the season’s highs, lows and everything in between that
brought home to Houston a division title, a pennant and the Commissioner's Trophy.