The flexible space sector is growing rapidly in EMEA. According to CBRE, the top 10 flexible space markets grew by more than 35% (by square meters) from year-end 2017 through Q1 2019.

Below we rank the top 10 flexible space markets in EMEA and break down how they stack up in terms of the overall percentage of the total office market.

“Occupiers’ increasing appetite for flexible space is reflected in the growing contribution of flexible space operators to office leasing markets in a number of the main cities. This has been evident in London for a while but has more recently become evident in other key markets such as Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam,” said Richard Holberton, Head of Occupier Research, EMEA, CBRE. “While the major international operators are increasingly present in these continental markets, the existing provider base is often more fragmented and local in these cities.”


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