Commercial real estate is at the nexus of many environmental and sustainability issues, as this sector is a major consumer of energy, water and other natural resources. Over the last decade, there has been a growing demand for more efficient, green buildings. Since 2014, CBRE Research and Maastricht University have collaborated to measure and understand the impact by tracking the adoption of green building certifications. The Green Building Adoption Index is published on an annual basis and uses a rigorous methodology to show the growth of Energy Star and LEED certified buildings since 2005 for the 30 largest US office markets, both in aggregate and in individual markets.

The Chicago market again claimed the top spot in this year’s survey, followed by San Francisco and Atlanta. While the level of certification continues to modestly increase, the trend line is flattening overall and in many markets, may be reaching maximum absorption. This year’s study also reviews a number of new and emerging standards that are entering the market to accommodate different building types and areas of interest.

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